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List Currently Showing Topic: Legal / Risk Management

Instrument Processing, Work Flow and Sterility Assurance
AGD Subject Code(s): 148 CE credits: 2 Cost: $49.00
Faculty: Fiona M. Collins, BDS, MBA, MA, Eve Cuny, RDA, MS

Government agencies regulate and make recommendations on instrument processing and occupational safety. There are a number of requirements and necessary steps involved in instrument processing, including preparation, cleaning and packaging of instruments for sterilization. The use of cassettes reduces the risk of exposure injuries for the operator, while simplifying and streamlining the process. There is a variety of instrument sterilizers for dental office settings including steam sterilizers (autoclaves), chemiclaves and dry heat sterilizers. Each has different features, advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when selecting sterilization equipment for your practice. Monitoring sterilization processes for sterility assurance requires the regular use of mechanical, chemical and biological indicators to assure that these processes and the equipment are providing effective sterilization. Sterility assurance monitoring must be documented to show compliance with regulations governing your practice.

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